Ruff and Tumble’s award-winning drying coat, featured on the BBC in 2020, is the UK's market leader. Unbeatable in terms of quality, quick drying properties and cost effectiveness, they are proven to keep working dogs dry and warm after a rigorous day in the field.

Recommended by vets, the double layered towelling wicks water from the dog’s hair, while the natural cotton towelling breathes, warms and dries simultaneously, ensuring comfort, recovery and warmth throughout the day. Clever tailoring ensures that the coat hugs the dog close, ensuring the fastest and most thorough drying possible. Unlike drying with towels, drying coats are thicker, stay on easily, and dry faster and completely. To keep working dogs alert, keen and ready for action, a Ruff and Tumble Coat is essential.

The Country Collection, designed with fieldsports lovers in mind, is available in burgundy, mud and French navy colours and is distinguished by a leather trim. Its fast-drying power is as obvious as its style.

Stand out for all the right reasons and invest in Ruff and Tumble Drying Coats, working to protect the dog that works for you.

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