Why not introduce a tunnel to your gundog training? Not only will it add a playful element to your usual regime, but it will keep your gundog interested and add an extra dimension to your normal day-to-day exercises. Handmade using heavy duty fire resistant PVC materials (with the exception of the green camo) Naylor Agility's tunnels are extremely hardwearing, robust and easy to wipe clean.

The range of dog tunnels are available in many sizes and lengths. Sizes are 400mm diameter suitable for small dogs and puppies, and the 600mm agility and 800mm hooper tunnels are suitable for all activities. There is also a 1,000mm design as a fun tunnel for larger breeds.

There are ten standard colours, five different lengths from 2m to 6m and three weights (light, medium and heavy duty). Each tunnel is manufactured to order to ensure the exact requirement of each customer is met including specific colours, loops, sandbags and design requirements.

Gundog Journal editor Will Hetherington said: "Any type of activity which involves you and your dog getting out and moving will be great for both of you physically, and the mental stimulation provided by agility will only enhance your relationship with your dog. When done well, agility exercises are immensely rewarding and the more you do the more your dog will trust you. If you are looking for another activity with your gundogs to keep up their working instincts and general fitness, then agility would be a great option.”

For more information, visit: nayloragility.co.uk.