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Gundog Journal Issue III provides all the essential training tips and advice you need to make the transition from the training paddock to the first driven day as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

On top of the usual instructional articles for handlers of all experiences, training Q&As and veterinary advice, we consider exactly what is required of a gamekeeper’s dog, how to prepare for the sad and eventual reality of losing a companion, put the golden retriever under the spot light, and share the results of the Pointer & Setter Champion Stake and so much more.

About Gundog Journal

Gundog Journal is a new, dedicated publication for everyone who works, owns or simply has an interest in gundogs.

Each quarterly issue delivers a rich panoply of editorial features – from expert training instruction to thought-provoking opinion and comment… Presented in a clean and contemporary design, it is a beautiful celebration of man’s best friend.

With a commitment to quality, Gundog Journal is printed on thick 110 gsm, sustainably-sourced, hand-selected paper with best-in-class colour fidelity, contrast and sharpness to display world-class photography.

The editorial team, publisher and contributors are as passionate about dogs as the readers, and are proud to bring you this highly anticipated publication.

We hope you enjoy it!

Dedicated & passionate team

From our unique collection of contributors to the editorial team, all involved are working gundog enthusiasts

Committed to quality

Each issue is printed on 110gsm, sustainably-sourced, hand selected paper with best-in-class colour fidelity

A beautiful celebration of man’s best friend

Each article is complimented by world-class photography and presented in a clean and contemporary design


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