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Regal retrievers ruled the roost at the IGL Championship at glorious Glenalmond and in Issue Five we bring you 10 sumptuous pages of coverage from this Blue Riband global event.

Elsewhere in this issue TV property expert Phil Spencer shares his top 5 tips on finding a dog-friendly new house. And have you ever wondered how many miles your dog covers on a shoot day? Simon West put trackers on his spaniels to find out the answers. Suffice to say here our dogs work very hard for us on shoot day. 

Meanwhile Field Editor Ben Randall tells it how it is regarding hip and elbow scoring, and we talk to a veritable kennel full of expert trainers and competitors about how to get the best out of your dogs.

Don't miss this issue:

  • 10 pages of superb coverage from the retriever championship.
  • TV property guru Phil Spencer on finding a dog-friendly house.
  • 2019 Chudleys Championship winner Vikki Stanley shares the secrets of her success.
  • Hip and elbow scoring explained - Field Editor Ben Randall busts some myths.
  • How physio can help extend your dog's working life.
  • All you need to know about dealing with ticks and fleas.
  • Minority report - Irish water spaniels, Chesapeake Bay retrievers and flat coat retrievers.
  • Full breed profile on the English springer spaniel.
  • How many miles does your dog cover on shoot day? We find out.
  • The founder of the Ladies Working Dog Group shares her story.

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Each issue is printed on 110gsm, sustainably-sourced, hand selected paper with best-in-class colour fidelity

A beautiful celebration of man’s best friend

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