"Don't rush your gundog training, progress in tiny increments and keep exercises fresh and exciting."

Ben Randall, Field Editor

Gundog breeds

A closer look at the many working breeds to help you choose the right dog for you...

Labrador retriever

We take a closer look at Britain's most popular gundog...
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English springer spaniel

We take a look at the UK’s third most popular gundog...
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In the field

Exclusive interviews, unforgettable experiences and fascinating gundog history...

A history of picking-up

Up until the 1920s, picking-up was always carried out...
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Dogs that track deer

How prepared are you for when things don’t quite go as...
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Instruction & training

Expert gundog training tips and advice from some of the most respected handlers...

Training a young labrador retriever – part 1

Gundog expert Jayne Coley summarises the early training...
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Choosing the right breed of gundog

When considering which gundog breed is best for you, follow...
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Latest Articles

Man’s Best Hunting Buddy

Working dogs are not confined to the shooting field. Glyn Ingram of the British Deer Society (BDS) t...
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The secret to goldens

Golden retrievers have a charm all of their own, as Patrice Fellows reports....
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A Remarkable Little Hunting Machine

The cocker spaniel has become one of the most popular breeds of recent times. Patrice Fellows takes ...
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Gundog Journal

The summer months conjure up romantic images of walked-up sport over pointers and setters against a backdrop of beautiful heather-clad moorland. And that ultimate union of human and canine in sporting pursuit is reflected in four glorious features in this issue. From shooting over pointers in Perthshire to grouse counting in North Yorkshire we have it covered.

The humble whistle is synonymous with dog handling but our canine companions are not born fluent in this language. Therefore it’s vital to instil a good understanding of whistle work from puppyhood, and Field Editor Ben Randall explains how to do just that. Meanwhile our regular panel of training gurus deal with a range of issues, from retrieving problems to aggressive dogs.

When to say the final goodbye to a faithful friend is one of the most difficult decisions we all eventually face, and veterinary surgeon Laura Keyser offers sensitive advice on how and when to make the final call. Also on the subject of animal welfare, separation anxiety can cause serious behavioural problems, and we have some professional guidance on how to deal with this distressing problem.

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