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Gundog medical queries

Veterinary expert John Houlton responds to your gundog medical queries.

Q. How do I treat a barbed wire injury in the field? Most barbed wire injuries occur when dogs misjudge the height of a fence or they run into a fence with loose wire. If they trap a leg between two strands it is essential to support their weight while freeing them. Throw a coat over the dog’s head for even the most docile dog may try to bite in these circumstances.  Many barbed wire injuries do not bleed as much as one might expect but if blood is spurting from a wound, this indicates...

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Dogs with tick bites

Author: Laura Hawkins

There’s much we can do to protect our dogs from the prolific parasites, says veterinary nurse Laura Hawkins.

Tick numbers are rising across the UK due to changing climates and habitats, along with an increasing number of hosts. But what does this mean for our dogs? Ticks are blood-sucking parasites which belong to the spider family. They are placed only behind mosquitoes in the disease transmission stakes, spreading infectious disease to humans and animals, and from one mammalian host to another. There are three types commonly found in the UK: Ixodes ricinus (the sheep/deer tick); Ixodes...

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The perfect kennel

Author: Ben Randall

There are a number of things to consider when investing in a kennel for your gundog, says Field Editor Ben Randall.

There are a number of points to consider when planning for and investing in a kennel for your gundog. Above all else, a kennel should be comfortable and hygienic for your dog, but also convenient and practical for you. Indoors or Outdoors? I personally like my kennels to be fitted within a building as the security is far better. When a kennel is inside another building, whether that be a stable, barn or shed, the dogs are also left in a calm, quiet environment out of direct sunlight,...

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When trouble strikes

Author: Laura Keyser

While most gundog owners can treat minor issues, some will require veterinary advice and attention. In this first of two articles, veterinary surgeon Laura Keyser shines a light on some common gundog injuries and how to deal with them.

TAIL INJURIES Docked or not, beating dogs charging through dense undergrowth are at risk of damaging the end of their tails. Without careful management, tail tip injuries are unlikely to heal and can rapidly develop into chronic bleeding wounds. These cause pain and suffering for the dog, not to mention the blood splatters all over the walls and carpet as they wag enthusiastically when you return from work. Avoiding tail tip injuries in an undocked dog can be difficult. Bandaging tails...

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