Labrador retriever

We take a closer look at Britain's most popular gundog breed.

History: In 1836, seamen from the UK first came across labradors in Newfoundland, where they were being used to pull trailers full of logs and fish, and swim out in the icy waters to retrieve floats and nets for their fishermen owners. Identifying a market for such a dog back in England – where duck shooting was particularly popular with the aristocracy and landed gentry – the seamen returned home with several dogs which were acquired by Walter Francis Montagu Douglas Scott, the 5th...

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Golden retriever

A closer look at one of the world's favourite dog breeds, the golden retriever. 

History: Golden retrievers have their roots set in 1864, after a series of matings between a yellow flat coated retriever and a tweed water spaniel (a now extinct breed) were carried out by Lord Tweedmouth on his Guisachan estate in Inverness-shire, Scotland.  Later down the line, the offspring was again crossed with Irish setters, bloodhounds and black flat coated retrievers, resulting in a good looking and hard working dog. For many years they remained relatively unknown, as puppies...

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Flatcoated retriever

In part eight of our 12-part series with working dog food manufacturer Chudleys, we take a look at the flatcoated retriever.

History of the flatcoated retriever: The flatcoated retriever was undoubtedly the favoured retriever breed in the late-1800s to early 1900s on large shooting estates, and have long been described as the gundog of Edwardian England. Used by both Guns and gamekeepers alike, the elegant breed was capable of performing a number of roles in the field, from flushing game to picking-up on the peg.  It is believed that the breed was developed from crossing newfoundlands, setters, water dogs...

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