Foundation training

Training a young labrador retriever – part 1

Gundog expert Jayne Coley summarises the early training routine that she followed with her own young labrador, Trade.

Puppies can vary so much – some are shy and lacking in confidence, whereas others are boisterous, cheeky and full-on. You have to adapt your training to suit the type of puppy you have. The steps below summarise the training routine that I have followed with my young dog, Trade, who has an easy-going temperament. I began to train him properly in the New Year when he was 9 – 10 months old, though I usually wait until the shooting season is over when I have time to do a little each day on...

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Training a young labrador retriever – part 2

Jayne Coley offers some valuable tips for the shooting man who is training a young dog.

Training your young dog isn't just about taking him in a field and throwing dummies. It's also about education – teaching him the manners and patience that make for a nice shooting companion. I try to be aware of this at all times. There are various scenarios in which you can work on embedding such manners in your dog, and below are a number of examples based on my own experience. Patience and manners My young lab has to sit and wait when I open his kennel run gate and while...

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A peg dog to be proud of

Author: Ben Randall

Field Editor Ben Randall advises on how best to shape a companion that will enhance rather than hamper a day’s shooting.

Immortalised in written accounts, tongue-in-cheek illustrations and cartoons since the advent of driven shooting, the scene of a ‘peg dog’ running riot mid-drive is typically portrayed as an amusing affair. But when ‘man’s best friend’– supposed to be sat quietly by his master in the line – runs amok on a shoot day, it can be far from a laughing matter. To list what can go wrong, the majority of us game Shots need only sift through memories of past experiences in the shooting...

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Training a gundog to walk to heel

Author: Ben Randall

Field Editor Ben Randall offers his advice on how to train your dog to walk to heel.

Of the various aspects of gundog training, teaching a dog to walk to heel properly is one that many people fail to invest the necessary time in. Indeed, some people appear not to see heelwork as a priority – hunting, stop whistles, hand signals and retrieving are far more exciting, after all. But a dog which doesn’t walk to heel can be a real pain. Constant pulling on the lead aside, a poor grasp of this elementary aspect of gundog training can lead to bigger problems. Whilst on a lead,...

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