Cai Ap Bryn from Game and Flames shows us the quickest, easiest way to skin and butcher a rabbit for the pot in these two step-by-step videos

Rabbit is lean, healthy, delicious and abundant in the UK, making it the perfect meat to cook with. First though, you will need to know how to skin and butcher your rabbits, ready for the pot. As the old adage goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat (or, well, a rabbit!). Here, in two step-by-step instructional videos, game chef Cai Ap Bryn from Game and Flames shows us his preferred method...

Cai is an experienced hunter and passionate cook. He has travelled Europe and our own isles extensively, cooking and foraging in some exciting and remote places, from Norway to Hungary. Fresh ideas and exciting concepts bring Game and Flames to the forefront of outdoor cooking experiences. As well as catering for pirvate functions, game fairs and weddings, Cai runs cookery workshops in his outdoor woodland cooking area, which you can see here in the video.

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credit: Archant